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Τα αυθεντικά προϊόντα NICOPAL G. GHIOLVA’S SYSTEM II έχουν τα στοιχεία επικοινωνίας που αναγράφονται σε αυτή την ιστοσελίδα. Read more     The device NicoPal and special herbal liquid is available exclusively from dealers listed on this website. Read more     

Principles of Operation of the NicoPal System

During the process, the herbal liquid (an extract of eucalyptus leaves, aloe and other herbs), is vaporized after been heated and enters the cigarettes’ smoke.

Using the extractor fan of the device, much of the harmful substances of cigarettes are excreted in the form of gases.

Their place is taken by the beneficial -for the body- elements of the special herbal liquid that contributes to the removal of the harmful substances from the smoker’s body.

In addition, by the treatment of cigarettes smoking does not leave any annoying smells and it ensures a healthier environment for both active and passive smokers.

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