FAQ - Answers about Nicopal System

The device processes cigarettes of a standard size (85 mm) and cigars of a standard ciggarete’s size.

The device can load up to 20 cigarettes of a standard size (85 mm).

Unfortunately, for the time being there is no such possibility. We recommend to smokers smoking rolled cigaretes to roll the cigarettes first, and then, place them into the device in order to enrich the paper with the beneficial ingredients of the herbal liquid as well. Or, place the tobacco evenly in a paper towel.

We have an official document by the Tobacco Institute of Drama, which confirms that the Nicopal device reduces some of the harmful substances produced during the smoking process. They have also been other, independent measurements confirming the reduction of essential harmful substances.

For those who want to try processed cigaretes before they buy the device we can send you processed cigaretes of your choice, with a small charge, plus shipping expenses. This procedure may take place ONLY ONCE.

Approximately 36 packetss of 20 cigarettes of a standard size.

Some clients have quited smoking. We believe that this is due to individual organism and will.

The device is guaranteed for 2 years.

You will receive the device no later than 5 business days. Or, by courier the very next day at the same charge.


The device needs maintenance as soon as it begins making the cigarettes “dirty”.

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