Nicopal System

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New improved model (1 special liquid included))


The NicoPal system is a Greek patent, acknowledged by the International Office of Inventions, which has the ability to process the cigarettes and withdraw a great portion of the hazardous substances that insert the organism during smoking. It is actually an impressive small-scale laboratory, the creation of long-term and painful research by the researcher and inventor of international acclaim George Ghiolvas.

The Nicopal system has the worldwide unique ability to process the cigarettes with the aid of a special vegetative liquid and make them almost harmless to the health of both active and passive smokers.

It reduces the amount of nicotine and tar, but most of all it reduces the hazardous substances in viral form, such as the carbon monoxide (CO), the nicotine smoke and other more dangerous substances for the human organism, such as the reduced sacchara, that no other method has been able to remove so far. The most important of all is that it does not alter the taste of smoke or its flavor.

None of those, which from time to time, have been interested in removing the hazardous substances of cigarettes, were able to come close to the philosophy and the effectiveness of the Nicopal system.

The device and the method proposed is unique in the world that enables the smoker to protect himself in health.


The device operates with voltage 220 volt. For countries using different voltage (eg 110 volt) required AC voltage is not included in the package.

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