The Nicopal system is a Greek patent, accrediteded by the International Office of Patents, having the ability to process cigarettes and remove a great percentage of the harmful substances that enter the human organism during smoking. In fact, it is an impressive small-scale laboratory, a creation of long-term and painful researches conducted by George Ghiolvas, a researcher and inventor of international acclaim.

The Nicopal system has the worldwide unique ability to process cigarettes with the aid of a special vegetative liquid and to render them almost harmless for the health of both active and passive smokers.

It reduces the amount of nicotine and tar, but, most of all, it reduces the harmful substances being of an airy form, such as the carbon monoxide (CO), the nicotine smoke and other substances, more dangerous to the human organism, such as the reduced sacchara, that no other method had been able to remove earlier. The most important of all is that it does not alter the taste of smoke or its flavor.

None of those, who have from time to time occupied themselves with the romoval of the hazardous substances of cigarettes, has been able to reach – not even to the slightest- the philosophy and the effectiveness of the Nicopal system.

The device and the method proposed is globally the only one that enables the smoker to protect his health by himself.

The Device operates with a voltage of 220 volt. For countries using different voltage (e.g. 110volt) a AC voltage is required that is not included in the package.

  Before treatment
  After treatment
Hydrogen 8.430 3.991,6 52,65%
1.337,6 549,86 58,89%
Carbon Monoxide
24.817 12.974 47,72%
Carbon Dioxide 40.869 21.635 47,06%
Ethylene 245,24 158,17 35,50%
265,27 111,66 57,91%
40,726 29,359 27,91%
Propane 194,86 95,206 51,14%
Reducing Sugars 9,87 5,10 48,33%
153.464 168.795 + 9,99%
611.709 623.917 + 2,00%

The measurements shown in the above table were made by a specialized laboratory of the Greek Public Power Corporation and by the National Tobacco Institute of Drama.