nicopal instructions

1). Put the device on a flat place in order for the special herbal liquid to be properly allocated, out of your room or your office, on the porch of a window or in the veranda, to avoid inhaling the harmful substances removed by the device.

2). Remove the special drawer from the device and put 20 cigarettes of normal size in it, with the filter facing the outer side (Figure 1).

3). Take the little bottle with the special herbal liquid and after shaking it well, absorb with the syringe two-and-a- half ml (2,5 ml). Pour the liquid into the special slot of the device being at the centre below the drawer. (Figure 2).

4). Place the little drawer with the cigarettes in its place. After plugging in the device, open the switch behind it. When the small red light in on, this indicates that the process has began.

5). After approximately 60 minutes the red light will be turned off. This means that the processing of the cigarettes has finished. Turn off the switch and remove the little drawer with the cigarettes. Allow them 10 minutes to cool before smoking them.

6). Put the cigarettes in your package with the filter downwards for the smoke to be restrained, since it gets dry during the process. (Figure 3).

If you wish to process more cigarettes, repeat the procedure after the device gets cool. 

Usage Instructions of Nicopal System

Caution during usage

  • To avoid electric shock do not open the device’s cover and do not try to fix it yourself.
  • Avoid holding the device near sources of high temperature.
  • Ensure normal ventilation for the device.
  • Remove the plug if the device is not used for a very long time.
  • Do not leave flammable materials to come in contact with the device.
  • Keep the power cord carefully. Hold the plug and not the cord when removing the plug from the socket.
  • Do not block the ventilation holes of the device.
  • Keep the device away from dust, water and moisture.
  • Do not let foreign objects on the device.
  • Keep the device out of the reach of children.
  • Do not subject the device to excessive vibrations or shocks.
  • For repairing and cleaning the device, contact our representatives.

Recommendation: During the processing of the cigarettes harmful substances are removed, such as tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, reducing sugars, etc. So, the smoke becomes drier. Smokers are advised to put their cigarettes in a cool place for some time or to smoke by a milder withdrawal. Otherwise time smoking is accelerated.

Note: The device is accompanied by a 2,5 ml syringe and a vial of 92 ml with a special herbal liquid for the treatment of 35 packets of cigarettes. The basic composition of the herbal liquid is the extract of eucalyptus and aloe leaves. It is certified by the State’s General Laboratory. No. 3003987/611/2004, and is available in a 6 pieces package.

Download the usage instructions of the device:

Nicopal Usage Instructions   |   pdf   | 1.67 MB