Who was the inventor GEORGE GIOLVAS

Founder and president of the Center for Applied Scientific Research - G. GIOLVAS, researcher and inventor himself - owner of many inventions - in 1987, due to serious health problems he found himself in the dilemma of stopping smoking otherwise his life was in danger. An avid smoker (4 packs a day) because he didnt want to quit smoking, decided to invent a device that would reduce the harmful effects of tobacco without altering its taste and would be less harmful to health. After many years of efforts, he created the NICOPAL device, which with the contribution of a special herbal liquid gave the desired results.

After testing the device in many smokers and after thorough checks of proccessed cigarettes by state and private smoke institutes decided the production and distribution of NICOPAL system in favor of active and passive smokers around the world.

How does the NICOPAL system works?

During the process the vegetable liquid - eucalyptus, aloe and other herb leaf extracts - heated is evaporated and enters the cigarette smoke. The toxic substances of cigarettes with the help of the hood of the device are eliminated in the form of gases. Their place is taken by the beneficial ingredients of the special herbal liquid for the body, which helps to detoxify the body of smokers. It cleanses the lungs by increasing their natural endurance. After processing cigarettes, smoking does not leave annoying odors and offers a healthier environment to active and passive smokers.