R40 (version 2023) - Features - Technological Improvements

New high-precision temperature sensor (TC technology) in the device's exhaust system. It achieves absolute control of the correct temperature at each processing stage. This technology also completely prevents overheating due to parasites or fluctuations in electrical current.

New surface-mounted device (SMD) components on the electronic circuit board of the device, of excellent quality and resistant to high temperatures, high currents, and fluctuations in current.

Reinforced solder joints and metal-plated terminal holes for absolute durability against component vibrations / pressures.

Screwed transformer to eliminate the possibility of detachment in case of device falls or strong vibrations.

Device operation Wi-Fi monitoring with integrated Wi-Fi technology on the electronic circuit board, allowing intervention and restoration through a computer.

Protection against fan malfunction.
The electronic circuit interrupts the device's operation if the fan stops working for any reason, thus avoiding potential overheating and subsequent damage to other components.

The indicator light (LED) now provides much more information to the user and device service as its rhythm changes according to the stage of cigarette processing. This way, any malfunction can be detected and further device damage can be prevented.

A "cooling" function has been added to the final stage of the device's operating cycle, allowing it to be used again immediately without a 15-20 minute wait.